A excellent suggestion

SensibleUnits.com now features a very comprehensive auto-suggest feature, which makes specifying a unit even easier.

As soon as you start typing a unit, a list will pop up showing all matching results. You can then select something from the list or continue typing to narrow it down further.

An exciting additional feature of the list is that it will suggest units and objects that match what you type. This massively enhances the object input capability I hinted at in the previous post, as you no longer need to guess the full (and probably plural) expression. So for example, if you type "cat", the list will suggest "average domestic cats" as a unit. Comparing countries or planets is now much easier too.

Developing the auto-suggest feature was a time-consuming challenge, but now that it's out of the way I should be able to add more units to the site relatively rapidly.

Other minor changes:

  • Most inputs will give a maximum of 4 results, rather than 3.
  • A new "reload" button lets you get different output units when they're available.
  • Values that previously produced no results will convert to less similar units in order to increase the chances of giving an output.
  • Units can now be case sensitive.