The circle is complete can now be used as a traditional unit converter, albeit with a much simpler interface than most available unit conversion utilities.

You will notice the addition of two tabs to the top of the results box, which enable a choice between results expressed in terms of "objects" or "units". The (default) former option offers the site's normal behaviour, while the latter converts the input to scientific units. This was a logical step following on from the previous big change, which allowed objects to be used as inputs. It also represents the final major development of the site that I plan to make.

The mental image of the site's ultimate incarnation that I had while developing the initial concept is remarkably similar to its current state. There will no doubt be further tweaks and new units added, but in terms of the most basic functionality I now consider to be pretty much complete.

I've had great fun over the past three weeks, watching the site take off, communicating with lots of interesting people and generally being amazed at the amount of enthusiasm that exists for this kind of thing. The site has been featured on Lifehacker, Webware, the front page of and hundreds of other blogs and message boards. Over 1000 people have bookmarked it on, and there have been 150000 visits so far.

I intend to keep running the site for as long as the ad revenue allows, so thank you to everyone who has visited, made suggestions or simply expressed support. I can only hope that future projects progress in a similar fashion. :-)

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